What's Pickcel console ?

What's Pickcel console ?

Pickcel console is a webapp through which content is published on signage screens. It consists of 8 modules, among which Screen, Media, Composition and Publish modules establish the complete cycle to publish content to the screen. 

Screen : In this module, a screen can be added and managed. Please read this article to know how to add a screen in Pickcel.

Media : Media files like image, video, PDF can be uploaded and apps can be managed from media module in Pickcel. Read this article to get step by step instructions on how to add media. 

Composition : It  refers to the way your contents are presented on your digital signage screen. Follow What is Composition? How to create a Composition? to know more. 

Publish :You can publish schedules or quickplay or default compositions from this module. It also lists the available schedules, quickplays, and default compositions.
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