How to configure a signage media player ?

How to configure a signage media player ?

Here are some general configuration steps you can follow when you want to configure an external signage media player like Android Box/Mi box/Firetv:
  1. First connect the media player to your TV screen with a HDMI.

  2. Configure this media player by connecting this to the internet by wireless/ethernet connection.

  3. Incase of most players, the timezone will be automatically picked or you can select the timezone of the device by yourself according to your location/requirement.
Here's some installation links for you to follow according to your requirement: 
  1. For Android: Click here
  2. For Windows: Click here
  3. For Raspberry Pi: Click here
  4. For LG Web OS: Click here
  5. For Chrome OS: Click here
  6. For Samsung Tizen: Click here
  7. For Amazon FireTV stick: Click here
  8. For Mac OS: Click here
  9. For Linux: Click here

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